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Raja Aur Rancho TV Serial was broadcasted on Doordarshan’s DD Metro Channel (DD2) in Year 1997 at 9PM. The series was based on the criminal cases solved by the detective name Raja (Played by Ved Thapar) with the help of his Wonder Monkey name Rancho. Raja and Rancho solved many cases, but later in episodes, Raja was killed. His twin brother Anand (Played by Mohan Bhandari) continued his work by using Raja’s name and took revenge.

According to India Today, 8 Septemper 1997,

” Monkey Matters..!! Rancho; the monkey of Raja Aur Rancho emerges a star. Rancho has taken his serial places – it ranks among the top 10 programmes in all the major metros where it is telecast – and has an impressive rating of 40.8 in Delhi, according to the Indian Market Research Bureau. What’s more, Rancho has even been getting top billing in film roles and has acted in over 50 movies, including Katilon Ke Katil, Zahreelay, Mera Shikar and Ahankaar. And since this little monkey gets so much fan mail more – than many top TV stars – the producer, Murli Nallappa, who also directs the serial, plans to start a Rancho Fan Club. “It’s not just kids but a whole lot of women too who go bonkers over him,” says Nallappa. “They want to tell him all about their problems, worries and joys.”What next? Rancho the therapist? In TV, anything can happen.

This article is too much enough to understand the popularity of this TV serial those days.This particular detective series attracted all age groups and was largely liked by kids. 

Writer Atul Sharma wrote the concept of S Balachandran, about a Cop and a Monkey Very Well. Its Title song was written by Ravichand Nalappa and Kedar Pandit Composed it. Panjak Roy, who directed this series bags many awards for this series.

When 9 Gold shuts down its business and Doordarshan decided to have reruns of its old hits under “Golden Era” time slot; this popular detective TV serial was also later re-aired on DD Metro in 2001 on every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 PM. This TV Serial was produced and directed by Murali Nallappa, who also aired it on SAB TV in Year 2003.

Channel: DD Metro

Year: 1997


Time: 9PM


Doston Ke Kaam Aaye Jo,

Dushmano Ke Rang Udaaye Jo,

Uljhano Ko Suljhaye Jo,

Raja Rancho Raja Rancho,

Raaja Rancho..!!

Teer Se Na Talwar Se, Dar Se Na Deewaro Se,

Rokoge Kaise Jabaaj Aise, Gujre Jo Angaro Se,

Raja Rancho Raja Rancho,

Raaja Rancho..!!


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