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Purab Ya Pashchim TV Serial was aired on Doordarshan’s DD National (DD1) Channel in year 2008, every Thursday at 10PM. This multi star cast TV serial was focused on an NRI Family of Kanwaljeet Singh and problems at his mother land, his village in India.

The Story-line of Purab Ya Pashchim TV Serial was focused around Sudhir Mitoo, who played role of NRI boy, who just came to india to meet his grand-parents: Vikram Gokhle and Renuka Israni. After coming to india he fell in love with a girl of his villages, played by muggha shah. After few episodes of romance, he realized the problems at village, such as water, education, health and agriculture. Then he decided to stay in India with his grand parents and started his mission with few peoples of village. His parents kanwaljeet Singh and Indira Krishnan also came back to India to take him back to US, but he denied. After a long struggle, he and his team got success in their task.

This Poorab Ya Pashchim TV Serial was inspired by Ashutosh Govarikar-Shahrukh Khan’s Movie: Swadesh. Vikram Gokhale, Renuka Israni, Kanwaljeet Singh, Indira Krishnan, Sudhir Mitoo, Mughdha Shah, Rakesh Pandey, Brij Gopal, Ahmad Khan, Narendra Gupta, Kishor Nandolaskar, Sooraj Thapper, Monisha Khatwani, Jitendra Bharadwaj, Shalini Arora, Priti Mehra, Teja Devker, Sahil Arora, Sanjeev Arora, Suhasi Garodia, and Ishita Sharma played their role very well. The story of Purab Ya Pashchim TV Serial was well-written by Rao Chalasani, while Sapna Bhattacharya and Rajkumar Bedi wrote its screenplay. Its Title Song “Sare Mausam Beet Gaye, Par Laut Ke Tum Na Aaye..” was written by Nawab arzoo, and Lalit Sen composed its music. Rao Chalasani produced this serial was directed by Jai Singh, and was enough to catch the eyeballs of viewers of DD National at that time.


Channel: DD National

Year: 2008

Days: Thursday

Time: 10PM


Saare Mausam Beet Gaye Par Laut Ke Tum Na Aaye,

Aas Ka Daaman Dheere Dheere Hath Se Chuuta Jaye,

Daulat Ki Galiyon Me Kab Tak Bhatkega Banjaare,

Laut Ke Aaja Apne Desh Ke Dharati Tujhe Pukaare,

Rishton Ka Aangam Soona Hai Khusi Bhilagte Hain Hum,

Wo Dharati Hai Swarg Se Sundar Jaha Rahe Hum Tum,

Purab Ya Paschim, Poorab Ya Pashchim,

Purab Ya Paschim, Poorab Ya Pashchim,


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