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Piya Ka Aangan TV Serial was a popular serial broadcasted on the Doordarshan’s DD National (DD1) channel. It is a family based drama and first premiered on February 16, 2009, every Monday to Friday at 12 PM.

The story line of Piya Ka Aangan TV Serial was based on the story of Shlok and Swati falling in love. Swati was initially married to Shlok’s elder brother Sameer, who was killed by the main antagonist Vicky Bajaj. Due to circumstances Shlok had to marry Swati without her consent to save her from Vicky Bajaj. The marriage happens due to some bad circumstances planned by Vicky. The story deals with how they fall in love with each other and how they face their families.

Their family doesn’t feel comfortable with this relationship as Swathi was married to Shlok’s elder brother. This is against the Indian culture. So the story turns from romance to reality. Meaning, how they had to face their family. In a nutshell, the story is all about how Swathi and Shlok fall in love and how they face their family. The love revolves around Swathi and Shlok. Vicky Bajaj is a negative character in the serial. His eyes are always on Swathi. Swathi is married to Shlok’s elder brother Sameer.

The leading actors of piya ka aangan tv serial are Hemangi Kavi, Raunak Ahuja, Yusuf Hussain, Rajeev Verma, Amita Nangia. Hemangi Kavi played the role of Swathi. Raunak Ahuja acted as Shlok. Rajeev Verma and Amita Nangia plays the character of Udai Dabral and Nandini respectively. Some of the other characters are Vineeta Malik as Dhadhi, Yusuf Hussain as Sherawat, Sunny Gujral as Ranveer, Akashaditya Lama as Vicky Bajaj, Ankita Srivastava as Mantasha. Bobby Khan and Akashaditya Lama are the writers of this serial. Jagmohan Bhanwar is the producer. Green Communication Production is the creator for the serial. Jo Kahunga Sach Kahunga TV Serial Fame Manoj Nautiyal directed the show.

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