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Meher TV Serial was one of the most popular Hindi thriller television series, which premiered on January 3, 2004 until January 27, 2006 on Doordarshan National (DD1). This series was a joint production of Indo-Pak, created by UTV Software Communications and directed by Sachin Deo.

The story of Meher TV Serial that revolves around the life of a Muslim Girl, named Meherunnisa Sheikh ‘Meher’ (played by Payal Nair), who has an identical twin sister named as Shabana (played by  Payal Nair). The two got separated after their birth and Meher was raised by Shaheen Begum (played by  Neena Cheema), her mother, while Shabana was taken away from her mother by her Aunt Rukhsana Khala.Shaheen always thinks and choose what is best for Meher and relationship was so close that they usually confide with each other about every little things; on the other hand Rukhsana used her to kill and betrayed people.

By profession, a News Papper Journalist, meher was in relationship with a Businessman, named Irfaan Khan (played by Buddhaditya Mohanty).

Later in the story of Meher TV Serial, Shabana was going after Meher’s wealth and attempts to take her place in the house of Meher’s husband and in-laws, which led to murdering people. People got confused on the real Meher and Shabana, who was presenting herself as meher. Shabana later killed Irfaan, Meher’s husband and took the place of Meher in his house.

Zayed Khan (played by  Ujjwal Rana) is the younger brother of Irfaan who just came from America. Shabana also tries to kill him also, but she failed. Meher got married to Zayed so they can save the company of Irfaan. Because of meher’s innocence, Zayed falls deeply in love with Meher and assumed that she is Shabana. Meher tries to stay away from Zayed until one day Shabana abducted Meher and went to Zayed. She told him that she loves him very much and Zayed thinks that it is her real wife. Luckily, Meher found a way to escape and went to Zayed. Meanwhile, Shabana also abducted the mother of Zayed until he came to know her reality. Meher told Zayed about everything and he was deeply hurt. He felt some guilt after knowing the fact that he falls in love with the wife of his own brother. But he loves Meher very much and he was unable to forget her. Subsequently, Meher was framed up for the death of her friend, Vrinda. 

Zayed later found out that Shabana is responsible for his brother’s death. He got mad and wanted to kill her too, but it was revealed that Shabana is currently pregnant to Zayed. Meher suddenly realized that she also falls for Zayed and because she was framed up for killing Vrinda, she thinks that Shabana can help her. She talked to Shabana and they made a deal that she will rescue her twin sister, only if Zayed agrees to marry her. Zayed and Shabana got married only to save Meher from the dilemma she was in.

Later, Shabana gave birth to her baby and Zayed informed Meher that he can now kill Shabana. However, Meher tries many tiemes to stop him when he brought Shabana near the hill to kill her. He shot Shabana who at the moment pulled Meher with her too, so they both fell down in the hill.

Five years after, Zayed became so lonely without Meher. His daughter with Shabana turned five and Ali, the step-brother of Zayed revealed that Meher was still alive and lives in London. Ali brought her when she lost her memory, because shw was medically and mentely Brainwashed by Rukhsana Khala. Everything about her, including her name and face was changed. She was known as Naaz (Played by Shilpa Shinde) since she was unable to remember everything from her past including her real identity. This time Ali joined hands with Rukhsana and played his game. He made Naaz as an enemy of Zayed and sends her to ruined Zayed’s life.

After many twists and turns, at the end of the story, Meher finally recovers and get her memory back. Zayed also found out that she is Meher and they unified together.

Payal Nair got wide popularity because of her double role of Meher, Chetanya Adib (Elder Brother of Meher), Sumit Pathak (Younger Brother of Meher), Anjali Mukhi(Wife of Younger Brother), Sameer Iqbal Patel, Mohit Raina, Punit Sachdev, Negi C., Indraneel Bhattacharya played their role very well. Tis TV serial was TRP Getter Show for Doordarshan, and at that time Meher TV Serial was one of the shows with Main Banungi Miss India, Dishayein and Kayamat, which appears in Top 20 Ranks. Later this TV serial was also aired on Pakistani Channel Prime TV, and TV Aisa also. The serial commenced with an initial TVR of 7.0, coming in at Ranking Number 18. and in second and Third weeks, it gained TRP of 7.2 and 8.4 Respectively, to manage its entry to Top 15 TV serials at that time.

Watch Mujhse Kareeb Kohar Bhi Song From Meher TV Serial.

Channel: DD National

Year: 2004

Days: Thursday – Sunday

Time: 8:30 PM



Zindagi Hai Dein Khuda Ki, Jeena Ka Haq Mera Hai,

Paanw Jameen Par Hain, Aasman Chuune Ka Haq Mere Hai,

Mere Sapne, Mere Armaan, Qaid Kare Kyu Unhe Jahaan,

Andhera Har Door Karungi, Har Parcha Me Chaap Karungi,

Phir Hoga Aaftaab Mera, Aur Hogi Meri Mehar,

Zindagi Imaan Mera, Saansein Khuda Ki Meher.

Meher TV Serial - Doordarshan National (DD1)
Meher TV Serial - Doordarshan National (DD1)

Meher TV Serial was one of the most popular Hindi thriller television series, which premiered on January 3, 2004 until January 27, 2006 on Doordarshan National (DD1). This series was a joint production of Indo-Pak, created by UTV Software Communications and directed by Sachin Deo.


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