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Meena Cartoon TV Series was firstly aired on Doordarshan Metro in mid 90’s. Meena is a fictional character who stars in the South Asian children’s television show Meena. The 33 Episode show has been broadcast in languages such as Bengali, English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. The lead character, Meena educates the children of South Asia on issues of gender, health, and social inequality through her stories in comic books, animated films, and radio series. The secondary characters of her stories include her brother Raju, and her pet parrot Mithu. Her audience goes on her adventures as she attempts to get an education, have an equal share of food as Raju, and learns about the HIV virus. All of her stories advocate change in social and cultural practices.

Her popularity is due to her not being closely bound to just one country or culture of South Asia, but uniting the common characteristics of them all. Her creation is partly due to the UNICEF, an organization that supports the growing educational awareness of South Asia through Meena and her stories.  Later it has simulcast on DD National as well.


It was 33 episodes series, the episodes were:

Count Your Chickens
Dividing the Mango
Will Meena Leave School?
Who’s Afraid of the Bully?
Saving a Life
Meena’s Three Wishes
Say No to Dowry
Too Young to Marry
Take Care of Girls
I Love School
It’s Got to Be a Boy!
Meena in the City
AIDS: A Girl’s Story
Learning to Love
Strangers in the Village
Reaching Out
Meena and Her Friend
It Could Happen to Anyone
The Girls Came Back
When Meena was Born
When Meena was a Little Girl
Seeing in the Dark
Health in your Hands
Safe from Worms
Fair Play for Girls
Baby Rani’s Four Visits
We Love Books
Learning with Meena
School First, Marriage Later
Teacher Helps to Learn
Let’s Go to School Together
Learning Can be Fun
Life has Changed
Life smiled again

Meena Cartoon TV Series - Doordarshan Metro (DD2)
Meena Cartoon TV Series - Doordarshan Metro (DD2)

Meena Cartoon TV Series - Doordarshan Metro (DD2)


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