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Kayamat TV Serial (Kayaamat – Jabb Bhi Waqt Aata Hai) was aired on Doordarshan’s DD National in Year 2003 on every Fridays-Saturdays at 9PM. Produced  and written by Ekta Kapoor, this famous tv serial was directed by santosh badal and sanjeev chaddha. 

Kayamat TV Serial is a story of love and revenge of the Ahuja family. The story of Kayamat TV Serial takes off when the celebrations in the Ahuja family are in full swing, with the engagement of Naren and Naina(Played by Neelam Mehra)’s son Uday(Played by Ali Hassan) with Pooja. Pooja(Played by Kishwar Merchant) loves Uday to the point of obsession; she wants to own and possess him completely. Her insecurities about Uday get aggravated and go completely out of control with the presence of Anamika(Played by Amita Chandekar), the CEO of a company that does huge business with the Ahujas. Pooja, at her engagement, sees a subtle chemistry developing between Uday and Anamika. Pooja now goes on a rampage as she wants to destroy Anamika totally, so that her love life with Uday can meet its happy end; however, Pooja realizes that Anamika is not so easy to defeat. In due course of time, Anamika becomes a favorite of not only Pooja’s family but of the Ahujas too. At this point Pooja decides to go for the final kill. But the question remains that who is Anamika? Is she what she portrays to be or does she too have her own story and reasons for coming to the Ahuja family? Is she as innocent as she portrays or is this all a plan, a plan to achieve her goal and her objective? What follows is an ensuing battle to safeguard the honour and prestige of Ahuja family.

Neelam Mehra, Ali Hassan, Amita Chandekar, Geetanjali Roy, Kishwar Merchant, Faizan Kidwai played their role very beautifully. Its title song was written by Nawaab Aarzoo, while Minakshi Shivam gave music for that. June Banargee sung the song “Kayaamat Jab Hati Hai…”, which was its title song and was popular those days.

The Balaji Telefilms produced Kayamat TV Serial was extreemly popular show which ruled the charts on DD for a long time. This show was full of emotion, joy, happiness, thrill, suspense, horror acts, action and many more. In 2003, After DD Metro shuts down, Doordarshan focused on its National Channel, and brought few new and great shows like Meher, Kayamat TV Serial , Miss India, Kaanch and Dil hai Phir Bhi Hindustani to cultivate viewership. Due to its popularity, the series was listed in the top 20 shows at the time. Later this TV serial was also aired on TV Asia channel in USA.

Channel: DD National

Year: 2003

Days: Friday-Saturday

Time: 9PM


Kab Kis Pal, Kab Kis Pal, Honi Anhoni Me, Dhal Jaati hai, 

Kise Pata Hai, Kise Khabar Hai, Kise Pata Hai,Kise Khabar Hai

Kayamat Tab Aati Hai, Kayamat Tab Aati Hai,

Kayamat Tab Aati Hai, Kayamat Tab Aati Hai,



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