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Junoon TV Serial was aired on DD Metro (DD2) in Year 1994, and also had repeat telecast on Doordarshan National (DD1) Channel. The show was directed by A. Salam and produced by Cinevistas Ltd. In the leads of the serial were Parikshat Shahni, Beena, Benjamin Gilani, Kishori Shahne, Smita Jayakar, Sarita Joshi, Ravindra Kapoor, Vishnu Sharma, Mahendra Shera, Prem Sagar.

Junoon’s story revolves around two families, the Dhanraj’s and Rajvansh’s. Every other character and characterization revolves intrinsically around only these two families and their ties.

The Dhanraj family is portrayed as one which has not only imbibed its traditional values, generation down generation, but has also maintained its uprighteousness, and traditions right through the years! But as fate has it, Aditya very early on in life fails in love with an innocent girl from a middle class family, who in a fit of depression and anxiety commits suicide as she is carrying Aditya’s child. (The time is the early 70’s then). When Aditya returns from his long trip abroad, the girl’s brother confronts him on his visit to her house. The unfortunate part of the whole tragedy was that Aditya was not even aware that Rima was carrying his child. But, the brother refuses to see reason. Thus starts an undying enmity between the families.

Sumer Rajvansh (Rima’s brother), vows vengeance against Aditya Dhanraj and his clan. In the course of his business as a builder, he develops contacts with unlawful elements, to get his land cleared. In a weak moment, he seeds a plan to wreck Aditya with one of these unlawful elements, who instead of carrying out the game-plan ends up killing Aditya’s wife, Seema, in a fit of anger. Thus adding fuel to the fire!

Junoon established Cinevista as a premier soap production house as this serial ran for five years and 510 episodes and also set a record for the longest running program during prime time on Doordarshan. It was a trendsetter for the TV industry as it created the trend for long running soaps on Indian television. It also enjoyed the largest star cast assembled for any Doordarshan serial. Junoon Serial cultivated a huge viewership, as it was caching eye-balls at Night Prime Time on DD Metro, and also got popular at Afternoon slot of DD National for its repeat telecast.

Channel: DD Metro
Year: 1994
Time: 9PM

Channel: DD National
Year: 1994
Time: 3:30PM


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