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Hum Hain Kal Aaj Kal Aur Kal TV Serial was a famous sitcom, produced by Cinevistas Limited. It was aired on DD Metro 9 Gold‘s Golden Hours in Year 2000. Later it was also aired on Star Plus.  The storyline of sitcom was focused arround the Pathak family where Rishi and Rahul have just been married to Rashmi and Ritu, respectively. The couples are gifted an apartment each in the same building and they begin setting up their new homes with love and warmth.

But their own dreams turn into nightmarish when family members start barging into each others’ houses at all very odd hours. Soon this love and affection gets too close for comfort and the couples are endlessly on tenterhooks. Craving for privacy, they start running for cover from their kith and kin. No one realises that the sense of fun has become a hellish experience for the couples and they go on regardless of the trauma they are causing each other. 

Smriti Irani, vandta Vasn, Miral Duralabhi, Nazneen Vakeel, Karan Diwani, Mausami Mevawala, Vinnie Pacharis, and Rajesh Puri played their roles very beautifully and made lots of humor at the time. Witter Brij Mohan narrated the concept of siddhart malhotra very effectively with the help of directed Rahul mevawalla. The title song was written by Brij Mohan , and sung by while music was given by Sunil Kaushik.

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Kal Aaj Kal Aur Kal,

Ye Aaye Wo Jaye, Wo Jaye Ye Aaye,

Aab Hum To Jaaye Kahan.

Kal Aaj Kal Aur Kal,

Paas Ho Ke Bhi Doori, Milne Ki Majboori,

To Bechare Jaaye Kahan.

Kal Aaj Kal Aur Kal,


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