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After Success First Season of Dishayen TV Serial, Time Magnetics and Doordarshan launched Second Season in Year 2004. Actreess Pooja Ghai replaced Purbi Joshi for the role of Twin Sisters (Neha and Nikita). Rest of the cast remain same as season 1.

In Second Season, Nikita got used to her in-laws and she realizes that it was really a mistake to refuse to marry Rajive. In the meantime, Sameer, together with Neha’s cousin, tried to make Nikita’s life miserable; unknown to the fact that she is the real Nikita. Nikita gradually become a devoted wife to Rajive and later develop a special feeling for him.
Meanwhile, nobody knows that Neha survived the accident and lost her memory. When her memory was back, she went back to her in-laws and was still unaware about Rajive and Nikita. Sameer killed Neha and Nikita’s cousin and Rajive was framed up. Colonel Sharma and her wife were both distressed to what have happened, both unaware of another tragedy that will come their way. Vishal (portrayed by Narendra Jha) is a villain and the illegitimate child of Colonel Sharma. He was raised only by her mother who already died and he aims to make revenge against his father.

When Vishal’s identity was revealed, the twin’s mother despised her husband and the twins accepted him as a brother. Later on, Neha found the truth about her sister and Rajive and to make it worst, Nikita is pregnant with Rajive. Things become more complicated when Neha founds out that she is also pregnant with Rajive. She confronted her husband and asked him to divorce her twin sister.

Meantime, Vishal and Sameer becomes enemy too and this becomes worst when Sameer founds out that the twins are both pregnant. He was upset as he realizes his feelings for Nikita. Due to an accident, Nikita lost her child and she was sad to know that Rajive is about to divorce her. Oddly, the accident brings the twin’s parents together and they finally accepted Vishal. Sameer surrendered himself to the police. Neha founds out that Rajive did not really serve his divorce papers with Nikita and Neha doubted her loyalty.

Rajive was really disturbed to what had happened to the twins. When he failed to serve the divorce papers, Neha got mad and threatens him that she will file a divorce. Sameer agreed with Neha and the two leave the house; but another accident happens to the two. Sameer asked for forgiveness to all of them and later dies. Nikita and Rajive attend to Neha as she gave birth to twins and she also dies.


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