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Raghubir Yadav Starring Chonch Ladi Re Chonch TV Serial was one of the popular sitcom, aired on DD Metro 9 Gold‘s Golden Hours in Year 2000. The storyline of serial was based on the chaotic landlord-tenant relationship. 

The former, Prof Shantilal Bhatnagar as a 40-year-old carefree bachelor living with his 50-year-old widowed sister, who was hell-bent on getting him married. On the other side ‘the tenant’ Kaathki Devi who is a 35-year-old, is the principal of the school and the head of the man hating society. Here we also have a servant laloo who as well played an important role in this serial; he is trying to fix a marriage between Prof Shantilal Bhatnagar and the Kaathki Devi. So, now anyone can imagine that if a man hater club head and the Prof Shantilal Bhatnagar comes together what all happens within the serial.


It was one of the funniest serial ever in which Raguveer Yadav and  Benjamin Gilani, the two most promising actors performed their best. Watching their chemistry crackle in this laugh-riot was always entertaining. The genuinely funny serial is marked by excellent performances by Raguveer Yadav and Benjamin Gilani, the two gifted actors whose real-life association goes back to the stage where the two have regaled audiences for years. Now watch their chemistry crackle in this rib-tickler.

Raghubir Yadav, Bharati Acharerkar, Prabha Sinha, Sadia Siddique, Mansi Upadhyay, and Sukhwinder Chahal played their role very beautifully. It was tele-casted on Every Sundays at 8:30PM in Year 2000.

The funny title track was composed by Rajat Dholakia, while written and directed by Anooj Kapoor, this serial was produced by Kailash Bhutani and Ashok Bhutani. Later, when Nine Gold shuts off, Star Plus aired this sitcom again from beginning.

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Kabhi Kabhi Baaton Me, Kabhi Mukalaato Mein

Subah Subah Kabhi Ladi, Kabhi Ladi raaton mein

Chonch Ladi Re Chonch Ladi.

Chonch Ladi Re Chonch Ladi.

Chonch Ki Chanchal Chanchal Chitvan, 

Chamak Chamak Kar chonch Chalati,

Chapal Chonch Ye Chamatkarini, 

Chatur Chatur Ko Chatani Chatati,

Chonch Ki Chamcham Chinhu Chinhu Kar,

Chinhu Chinhu kar, Chonch Ki Choti Se Jab Chillaye

Chonch Ladi Re Chonch Ladi.

Chonch Ladi Re Chonch Ladi.



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