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Captain House is a famous Indian drama that hit the screen a long time back. The finite show based on a ghost, was first came into Doordarshan Channel. Captain’s House is a romantic comedy that made was based on a haunted house where two kids used to stay with their single mother. Though it is a story of a ghost but the makers had decided to make it a comedy with a touch of romance and emotion. It was a family drama that kids can also enjoy.

The time 90s were the time for finite shows unlike this era when a television show lasts longer than average human life. Captain House was one of those few shows that had made its audience hooked to it. The excellent performance of the actors and the child actors, humorous dialogues and clean script and everything was perfect to enjoy your evening.

The show is based on a single mother, her two kids and a ghost namely Captain. The show begins with a lady who has lost her husband and left with two kids. The single mother was a happy soul until her husband was there with her. But as she lost her husband, her in-laws started taunting and torturing her and her two little kids. To save her life and her kids, Nishita (the lead character) decided to leave her in-law’s house and buy own house.

After a long search she found a house at affordable, in fact mush lower price than expected. The happy mother, Nishita, decided to buy the house for her and her children. After few days of living in the house with two kids and a maid, Nishita realised there was someone else in the house too. It was no one but a ghost. That ghost, the Captain, was the owner of the house and didn’t want anyone to live in his house. The story was revolving around the ghost and how he is troubling the family every now and then to leave the house.

Eventually Nishita realised that the ghost is not a bad man nor he wanted to harm them, so she started answering back to the ghost. As the time passed by the ghost got impressed by the innocence of the kids and the family. At the end of it the ghost became a friend to the family. The story revolved around the connection and the interaction between ghost and kids.

The show Captain House was a light hearted show for all. Though the concept is based on a haunted show but it wasn’t scary at all. Captain House had full-on comedy for the kids, romance for the young generation and emotional points for everyone. Comedy shows are always entertaining irrespective of time.

Not only entertainment quotient but the serial had immense shades of emotions and relationships between the kids and the ghost. It is true that evil minds always have to surrender before innocence and pure hearts. The show actually showed that part beautifully. How the ghost who used to trouble the kids every now and then had actually started loving them for their innocence and pure heart.

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