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Aap Beeti TV Serial was a Horror Serial, premiered on Doordarshan National on 5 January 2001. DD channel usually doesn’t telecast anything that has violence or threatens people or displays anything that is considered negative to the society, but this serial was a bold move yet a big hit.

The serial was directed by Ravi Chopra, a famous Hindi movie director, directed this series of horror stories. The show had different stories for every episode. There were different cast for a variety of episodes. Usually, the character’s names used were the real names of the cast.

BR Chopra production house, a well-renowned company produced the serial. The production house quoted that this is the first serial about supernatural incidents that they are producing. Baldev Raj Chopra (BR Chopra) productions were a famous production house that produced several Hindi movies and TV shows. The stories telecasted, portrays the experience of common people with ghosts that they’ve been through. It was mostly about supernatural incidents witnessed by mankind. This serial was a super hit as this was the first of this kind. One story usually covered two episodes such that a viewer would have to see the next episode if he watches the first episode.

It was one of the catchy marketing strategies. This show caught the attention of several viewers’ right from kids to elders, thus turning the attention of viewers towards the DD channel. Aap Beeti became the first Horror Hindi serial that a channel ever telecasted on television. The period of telecast of this show happened to be a period when DD channel started facing a loss in the number of viewers due to the introduction of several private channels which had creative programs, and developed technology. The director Ravi Chopra then came up with the idea that he had to present a serial which no other channels in India were presenting to the audience.

Earlier the timing of serial was on Saturday 9:30PM to 10:30PM and that time it had an instrumental title track. Later on Year 2004, its second season came with new timing at every Tuesday 10PM to 11PM along with new title track Ye Aap Beeti Hai Song sung by Dr. Neha Rajpal. This was one of the Most Popular Program On DD1, which is being pegged as a serial about “man’s encounter with spirits”. Aap Beeti TV Serial was the first in the supernatural genre to hit DD1. Each story in the serial was spread into two episodes. 

Season -1
Year: 2001
Time: 9:30PM
Days: Saturday

Season -2
Year: 2004
Time: 10PM
Days: Tuesday

Aap Beeti TV Serial - Doordarshan National (DD1)

Watch Title Track Of Aap Beeti TV Serial - Doordarshan National (DD1)


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